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 Beachmont PE and More


My name is Joe Barranco, and I am the Program Director at Beachmont Christian Ministries. We are happy to be
offering a
PE class
designed for those who are educated at home. This once a week program is designed
to expose students who are educated at home to a variety of skills through activities, sports, and
fitness exercises. Our goal is to provide a fun interactive program where students can grow
physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We also are offering discounts this year! For more information on discounts or on the program, feel
free to e-mail me or visit our website:

http://www . beachmont. org/pe-program!

If you already have a PE program and are looking for additional activities to do this spring, check
out our other
Spring Programs, which include Archery, Flag Football, and Dodgeball.
again find more information at our website:

http://www . beachmont. org! events-overview

Thank you,

Joseph Barranco
Program Director

Beachmont Christian Ministries
Mount Vista Road
Kingsville, Maryland
Phone: (410) 592-3648

Fax: (410) 592-3616